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    How does the card game Duotridordle work?

    The goal of the word puzzle game duotrigordle is to guess 32 words in 37 tries or less. The game is like Wordle, a popular online word game, but with 32 boards instead of one.

    How to Play the Game Duotrigordle
    The game is free to play online. There is a puzzle in the game that can only be done once a day. The player has to type a word into the entry box and press enter. The game will then give you comments on the word using colored squares:

    • A green square means that the letter is in the right place in the word and in all 32 boards.

    • A yellow spot on some boards means that the letter is in the word but not in the right place.

    • A dark square means that the letter is not in the word in any of the boards.

    Using this information, the player has to guess 32 words in 37 tries or less. If the player guesses all 32 words right, they will see a message that says "You got it!" and a series of emojis that they can copy and share with others. If the player runs out of tries, they will see a message that says "Sorry, you didn't get it." and the right words.

    Some Tips for Playing the Duotrigordle Game: • Think of familiar words. The game uses words about animals, colors, fruits, and other things. The player should try out popular words that are the right size and shape for the puzzle.

    • Use the process of elimination. The game gives feedback on every letter on every board, so the player should use this knowledge to get rid of letters that are not in any word or are not in the right place. The player should also remember which letters they've already used so they don't use them again.

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