Players of the word puzzle game Phrazle are tasked with determining the meaning of a phrase that is constructed using a number of different words. The popular word puzzle game Wordle served as an inspiration for the development of this game, which places more of an emphasis on phrases than individual words.

Instructions for Playing the Game Phrazle
On the internet, you can play the video game without having to pay anything. Phrazle provides its users with a daily challenge, which can only be completed once per day by the user. Before the player can proceed to press the enter key, they are required to type a sentence into the input area. Following that, the game will provide some type of feedback regarding the phrase in the form of colored squares:

If a letter has a green square next to it, it means that it is located in the correct spot inside the word or phrase.

If the letter is present in the word but it is not in the correct position, a yellow square will appear instead of the square.

If a letter is represented by a purple square, it means that it is found in the phrase but not in the appropriate word.

If the letter is represented by a gray square, it means that the phrase does not contain that letter.

The player is required to make use of this feedback in order to correctly guess the sentence within a maximum of six attempts. If the player correctly guesses the phrase, a message will appear on the screen that says "You got it!" along with a series of emojis that the user can copy and share with other people. The player will be presented with the message "Sorry, you didn't get it," followed by the solution in the event that they have used up all of the opportunities available to them to complete the challenge.