Hello everyone,

I wanted to share with you an amazing resource for anyone interested in time banking - the Community Association of TimeBanks. This organization is dedicated to supporting and promoting time banking as a means of building stronger communities and empowering individuals.

For those who are not familiar with time banking, it's a system where people exchange services with each other based on time, rather than money. For example, if I spend an hour helping someone with their gardening, I earn one "time credit" which I can then use to receive an hour of help from someone else in the time bank. It's a simple yet powerful concept that can have a big impact on our communities.

The Community Association of TimeBanks provides a wealth of resources for both individuals and organizations interested in time banking. They offer training and support for setting up and running time banks, as well as access to a network of time bank coordinators and members around the world. They also host events and conferences to promote time banking and share best practices.

What I love about the Community Association of TimeBanks is their commitment to social justice and community building. Time banking is a way to recognize and value the contributions of everyone in our communities, regardless of their income or status. It's a way to build connections and trust between people, and to create a more resilient and caring society.

If you're interested in learning more about time banking and the Community Association of TimeBanks, I highly recommend visiting their website at https://cafederationoftimebanks.org/. There you'll find a wealth of information, including success stories from time banks around the world, and ways to get involved.

I hope you'll consider joining the time banking movement and making a difference in your community.