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    How can a criminal lawyer help me?

    How can a criminal lawyer help me if I drove my car while intoxicated? Well, it didn't happen to me, it happened to a friend of mine, and we're deciding whether or not to call a lawyer.

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    I think you should still go to a lawyer because it's pretty serious. He can help in different situations, for example, If you are called in for questioning by the police, a criminal lawyer can give you advice on what to say and what not to say at the interrogation, so as not to worsen your situation. Also, if your case goes to trial, a criminal defense attorney can represent you in court and protect your rights and interests. The lawyer can present your arguments in court and challenge the evidence presented by the prosecutor's office. Ottawa Criminal Lawyers has often faced this situation and helped their clients.

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    The lawyer is very important. If you are found guilty, a criminal defense attorney can help you get your sentence reduced as much as possible by providing the court with arguments in your favor and showing the court that you are not a danger to society.

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