Hello our friends,

Are you ever tired of the long process, complexity and ridiculously huge effort to earn a reasonable amount of Gil to get what you want ?
Do not worry!
FFShop is here to back you up. You can easily buy FFXIV gil from us with best price and with highest level of safety.

Price: We have been offering cheapest price in the market. Please contact our Discord/Skype for most updated price. Currently, per M: NA $0.72 ; EU $0.65; JP $0.75 , OC $0.75

Order volume: You can buy any amount of Gil that you want. However, the minimum order is 10M Gil, and the maximum value per order is $100 (or equivalent to 100-200M Gil, depending on market prices from time to time). If you want to buy an amount of Gil worth bigger than $100, we suggest we should split into two (or more) transactions. This is for the safety for both of us.

Payment: We provide flexible payment methods for you, including Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill, Binance (USDT).

Delivery time: We deliver the Gil to you INSTANTLY after we receive your payment. Our inventory is always available no matter how big your orders are.

Delivery method: We provide flexible delivery methods: Face-to-Face trade, Mailing,... If possible, we recommend YOU GIVE BACK ITEMS to us during trade (at least 1 small garbage item is okay), for better validity. Thank you.

About FFShop:

  • We are professional MMO trader group
  • We buy/sell any MMO products & services (currency, item, account, boosting)
  • You can find us on every popular platforms (Eldorado, PlayerAuctions, G2G,...)
  • We are always open for partnership opportunity: We offer special prices for bulk buyers, and we're also looking for Gil suppliers.

Contact us:
Attention: To avoid scammer, please carefully use 'copy & paste' while adding our following IDs

Discord: ffshop#3739
Skype: live:.cid.66f79e7d8234205b
Webapp: coming soon