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    🔥Selling FFXIV Gil All server | Prices from $0.65 to $0.75🔥

    Hello all friends,

    FFShop is here to back you up. You can buy FFXIV gil from us with best price in the market and with highest level of safety.

    Order amount:
    You can buy at minimum 10M per order. You can buy much as you want, but maximum value per transaction is $100. If your order value worth more than $100, we suggest to split into 2 (or more) transactions.

    Contact our Discord/Skype for most updated price. Currently: NA $0.72; EU $0.65; JP $0.75; OC $0.75

    USD: Paypal, Payoneer, Skrill
    USDT: Binance

    Flexible methods: Face-to-Face trade, Mailing,...
    If possible, we recommend YOU GIVE BACK ITEMS to us during trade (at least 1 small garbage item is okay), for better validity. Thank you.

    About FFShop:
    We are professional MMO trader group
    We buy/sell any MMO products & services (currency, item, account, boosting…)
    You can find us on every popular platforms (Eldorado, IgV,...)
    We are always open for partnership opportunity: We offer special prices for bulk buyers, and we're also looking for Gil suppliers.

    Contact us:
    Attention: To avoid scammer, please carefully use 'copy & paste' while adding our following IDs

    Discord: ffshop#3739
    Skype: live:.cid.66f79e7d8234205b
    Webapp: coming soon

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    FFShop - "We back you up"
    Discord: ffshop#3739 | Skype: live:.cid.66f79e7d8234205b | Email:



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