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    I need a tutor in San Jose

    I want to find a French tutor in San Jose. I really like this language, I think it is the most beautiful language in the world, so I want to learn it. Who knows what languages at all?

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    You don't have to look for a tutor just in San Jose. Now you can tutor online from all over the world. But if you want to learn the language and be close to a tutor for more understanding, this is your choice. I'm not learning any languages at the moment but I like learning languages very much, I know Spanish, English, Japanese and Dutch. Spanish is my native language, I studied English for work and because many people speak English. I know Japanese because I lived in Japan for two years and I learned Dutch because I like it and I want to go to Holland someday.

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    I only know English and Bulgarian, because my dad is from Bulgaria and taught me that language. I don't know any other languages because I don't need to.

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