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    How much does it cost to pump 600 ELO?

    I want to know what is the average price of a Faceit account booster from 1800 ELO to 2400. Where is this service cheaper and of higher quality? Perhaps some of you have ordered similar services. If so, then share your experiences, impressions, and services where you bought such a service.

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    Two months ago, I ordered a similar service from one of the popular services. Boosting the account was done by a selected team who had 3000 ELO or more on their main accounts. With the help of their skill, they pumped up the promised 400 ELO for me in a matter of days. I liked the fact that everything is done promptly and inexpensively. This service cost me 56.61. It was relatively inexpensive. You would have paid 269 for the service, but since there is a discount right now, it will cost you 215.23. More expensive than mine because the higher the Faceit level and the more ELO, the harder it is to go. I ordered my service from because I thought it was the best in terms of quality/price ratio.

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    And I wanted to order a booster account for 600 ELO, but at the last moment changed my mind and gave up the idea. Now I'm thinking about trying to order the service again. I think they will do it in about 3 days.

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