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    Where to get a FACEIT account

    Today I was playing Counter-Strike, and my friends told me about FACEIT. It turns out that they've been playing there for a long time, and everyone has their own level, some have 3, some have 6. I myself am interested in playing there at the highest level with experienced players. And besides I want to make fun of my friends, somewhere to buy a level 10 account and show that I've been playing there for a long time and I'm a pro, that soon I'll be a top player and will take me to tournaments. Only I don't know where I can buy such an account.

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    It would be a great joke, maybe don't even have to say it's not your account, they'll see that you're level ten and start respecting you. I myself play on FACEIT and it's much better than a normal ranked match in counter-strike. I bought an account at once the ninth level here from these guys: . I got it the same day I ordered it and the same day I started playing. I play well, so after a couple of days I was able to get up to level 10. Now I want to be a top 100 master of the league, I hope I can make it.

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    I've never played counter strike, so I don't know if it's hard to get up to level ten, well, I think it is, so I think it's better to get up over time yourself, because of what you get up yourself, your friends will really respect you . Well, if you want to make a joke, that's a good option, I would do that too.



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