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    How to create a critical analysis

    Did you ever find yourself thinking, "I disagree with this author; I believe they are biased?"? Maybe you even went so far as to add your opinion in the comments. Congratulations if you have done this! You've done a critical analysis. This means that you have analyzed the work of the author and provided your opinion.
    It's easy to mistake a descriptive essay for a critical analysis essay. A descriptive essay only states the subject or describes how it happened. A critical analysis essay, on the other hand, describes the importance of the subject and your own perspective. This essay digs into a topic and shows its complexity. A critical analysis essay is more than a description. It examines the topic in different contexts and from different points of view. Argumentation and reasoning are better ways to distinguish a critical analysis essay than a descriptive one.
    Critical analysis requires a lot of reading. Authors use rhetorical techniques to win your trust. This article is part of our essay-writing service. We will discuss critical analysis and list topics. A critical analysis essay example will give you an idea of what to expect. A step-by-step guide will be provided on how to create a critical analysis.
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