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    What is a Verbatim Transcript?

    When it comes to verbatim transcription services, the accuracy and precision of the original recording is the most important aspect. The process of transcription also involves editing the transcript to make it easier to read. The editing process will keep the original message intact, but unnecessary sounds and fillers will be eliminated. This allows the listeners to hear the exact words spoken by the speaker.

    Verbatim transcripts are typically used in formal hearings and court proceedings. A verbatim transcript will convey the feelings of the speaker, so it must capture the speaker's mannerisms. Failing to do so can have serious consequences. For this reason, the process of preparing a verbatim transcript is labor-intensive and expensive.

    Verbatim transcription is especially useful in the insurance industry. This kind of transcript is 100% accurate and captures every word spoken in the recording. It also captures any grammatical errors, interjections, and stutters. By doing this, you can be sure that the transcript is accurate. Verbatim transcription also exposes context and can be used for research purposes. Once you've completed the transcription, you can upload it, search it, and edit it to ensure accuracy.

    Verbatim transcripts are also perfect for academic purposes. It can capture non-verbal communication as well as ambient sounds. Often, they are used in legal hearings to identify conflicting statements. Verbatim transcriptions can also be used in many other applications, including a business' marketing materials.

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