This is what will support your entire presentation. Be sure to know the answer. An excellent starting point is to think about your overall purpose. You have six options for purposes that your presentation could serve.
● Educate
● Inform
● Persuade
● Inspire action
● Motivate others or inspire them
● Entertain
It'll be "to inform" in a business setting. If you're meeting to discuss quarterly results you'll need to inform, motivate, and inspire. As a coach for business, your goals are likely to be to inspire and motivate others.
Once you have this down, you'll be closer to figuring out the purpose for your pitch. These are questions that can help you get an answer to this question.
● What do I want people taking away from my presentation
● How can what I'm talking about help others?
● What can people do after meeting with me?
Write down your thoughts and begin to create a summary for your presentation purpose. Take your thoughts and summarize them into a few sentences. Next, put this on your first slide. You can modify it later. However, this is a great starting point. More helpful tips you can read at

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