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    Have you repaid debts for other people?

    Have you ever had to pay debts for other people? Have you had such an experience in your life and what was the outcome?

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    My ex-husband took out a business loan and I became the guarantor. I was 18 and in love, so I signed the contract without looking. He didn't explain anything - he said that I just had to come and sign the papers. And when I saw the scary word "guarantor" and asked what was going on, he said that "it's okay, we are family. At that time I had no idea that it could be a real Crestridge Funding Scam. We got divorced almost immediately: we had no children, no property in common - he signed it over to his parents. He tried to manipulate me and told me he would pay the loan as long as I was with him, and if I got divorced he wouldn't. I didn't know then that anyone would require me to pay back someone else's debt.



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