Pyramids Business City New Capital

Pyramids Business City New Capital Prices
New Administrative Capital is considered one of the best new cities in which the state worked to provide all facilities and services to be a fertile ground for new investments, and based on the principle of excellence, the company that owns Pyramids Business City Mall chose this unique place close to important neighborhoods to be the place to build its latest projects.

Many advantages and services were provided within the project, but the prices offered by the developer are the best feature in it, as it was keen to offer the most distinguished price per square meter in the capital, with very easy payment systems and several facilities.

Prices and payment plans:

The prices in Pyramids Business mall start from 1,250,000 EGP.
The first plan: the customer can pay a 10% downpayment and pay the rest of the amount over 10 full years.
The second plan: 5% of the total unit value is paid, another 5% is paid after three months, and the rest is paid in installments over 8 years.
The third plan: 25% of the unit value can be paid, provided that the first installment is paid after receipt in Pyramids Business City.
Pyramids Business City Payment Systems
There are installment plans based on the investment return system in Pyramids Business City New Administrative Capital:

The customer can pay 30% of the unit value, and get an investment return of 21% over two and a half years on Pyramids Business City New Capital.
In the event that the customer paid 35% of the total value of the unit, he will receive an investment return of 14% for two and a half years.
If the customer pays 40% of the unit value, he gets a 16% return on investment over two and a half years.
If you are a fan of high-end investment, do not hesitate now to reserve your unit in the most luxurious and largest commercial malls that are located in New Administrative Capital, and start your project at unparalleled competitive prices, as the spaces and prices of commercial, administrative and medical units within the mall vary to suit the desires of many who love to invest and own luxury commercial units.

The Real estate developer and previous works
Pyramids is one of the biggest real estate developers that has carried out many projects in various regions in Egypt and left a strong imprint on them. Since the first day, it has been trying to excel and get a large share of the market share in this field.

One of the company’s priorities is that it considers the client a partner as well, as it is one of the main factors in its success, so it is very keen to put his requirements first and meet them in the best way until he gets everything he needs to develop his project or start a new project.

Pyramids own many major projects, amounting to about 8 important engineering works, and the company has had a distinctive imprint in many Egyptian regions, including New Administrative Capital and El Galala City.