Axess Medical Hub Fifth Settlement
Get innovation every step of the way inside Axess Medical Hub New Cairo!

Incept Development offers you a wide range of solutions and innovative means that meet all your expectations and more inside Axess Medical Hub, which is a modern medical facility in an attractive strategic location in the heart of New Cairo; Where it is close to main roads and axes, many service facilities and vital places in the city.

The project enjoys a high level of luxury because it is designed with the most accurate construction methods and the finest international models that suit the owners of high taste, as well as the availability of a wonderful package of integrated services and exceptional benefits, there are also various units surrounded by beautiful landscapes that give an atmosphere of psychological comfort and tranquility and provide an encouraging environment for work.

Therefore, the opportunity before you is presented on a silver platter to start a successful project on all standards; Don't miss it and own your special unit now inside Axess Medical Hub Fifth Settlement.

Axess Medical Hub New Cairo location
All the requirements and advantages that you are looking for in your workplace, you will find within Axesss Medical Hub, which is located in an ideal geographical location in the prestigious Fifth Settlement area in New Cairo, in front of the Air Force Hospital, in particular, in addition to its distance from the sources of noise and pollution in the cities and its proximity to the most important roads and main axes, the most important landmarks near the project location can be mentioned as follows:

Axesss Medical Hub New Cairo is close to the most famous malls in New Cairo, such as Kernel Business Hub Mall.
It is about 15 minutes away from Central Ring Road.
Axess Medical Hub Fifth Settlement is only 45 minutes away from Cairo International Airport and New Administrative Capital.
Axesss Medical Hub Project can be reached from the American University after walking a distance of 20 minutes.
Features of Axess Medical Hub
Axess Medical Hub is your best choice for unique benefits that you will not find anywhere else in New Cairo, and among the most prominent of these distinctive features are:

Get an atmosphere of relaxation, calm and psychological comfort inside Axess Medical Hub mall because it is surrounded by a lot of green spaces and dancing water fountains that give an attractive civilized appearance to the place.
Own a luxury unit in a unique geographic location close to the main roads and axes that facilitate the transportation process to and from it, and it is close to the luxury residential complexes that provide many visitors to Axess Medical Hub.
Start your work in an elegant place designed with the most luxurious architectural styles that suit the connoisseurs of refined taste inside Axess Medical Hub, as well as the eye-catching glass facades.
Availability of strong infrastructures such as natural gas, sewage, and electricity.
Allocating the Kids Area for children with many fun games that entertain their time.
Axess Medical Hub Mall is powered by a solar energy system that keeps the environment clean and free of pollution.