5a Mall Fifth Settlement design
The architects took into account the design of 5a Mall in New Cairo, all the business needs, and understood the different needs of customers, investors, and the requirements of the modern era. Then, they implemented their findings and produced a luxurious architectural edifice with distinctive office spaces that provides an environment that encourages better work and higher productivity; Where employees enjoy the utmost comfort.

5a project is unique with its large-scale glass facades that allow light to enter the buildings, and it consists of 8 high-end buildings, each of them includes a ground floor and 3 upper floors, and the percentage of buildings occupy only 30% of 5A mall space.

Features of 5A Project Fifth Settlement
Here are the most important distinguishing features of 5a Mall in New Cairo:

The distinguished strategic location in the heart of New Cairo, close to the main roads and axes, which makes transportation easy and comfortable, as well as being away from the sources of noise and pollution in the cities.
The spread of a picturesque landscape of green spaces and shiny water bodies around the project; Which provides attractive views of the different units on the most beautiful landscapes.
5a mall's stunning architectural designs draw the attention of many customers and investors to purchase units in it.
Customizing the Kids Area with a set of fun games that will keep them entertained.
Taking into account providing the greatest degree of privacy and comfort to customers.
Available services inside 5A Mall New Cairo
Looking for a luxurious residence that enjoys a great deal of calm and sophistication in an attractive strategic location in the heart of New Cairo? 5A Mall Fifth Settlement is waiting for you; It has many integrated services, the most important of which are:

A huge garage that can accommodate many cars to prevent congestion in front of 5a mall.
A luxurious commercial area that includes a number of high-end stores that offer the most famous international brands that lovers of fine taste are looking for.
In order to maintain security and stability within 5a project, highly trained security and guard personnel were employed and modern surveillance cameras were installed that work non-stop to monitor all movements.
A chain of high-end restaurants and cafes that offer delicious food and the most delicious drinks in a quiet atmosphere that helps you get rid of work stress.
Periodic maintenance services that resolve all malfunctions, as well as fire alarm systems.
Waste collection places to keep the environment clean.
Excellent customer service and reception that answers all questions and inquiries.
Quiet places where you can read your favorite book or do yoga.
A high-end gym equipped with the latest equipment, sports equipment, and the best trainers who help you maintain your fitness.
Modern elevators and escalators help you move easily between the different floors.
Large display screens for various advertising media and distinctive advertisements.
Meeting and conference rooms equipped with the latest audio equipment, various technologies, and luxurious furniture.