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    I'm looking for advice on how to protect my child online. I want to make sure that they're safe from predators, and I also want them to be able to explore the internet safely and learn about things they're interested in. Would you recommend any particular websites or apps?

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    The best way to protect your kids online is to set clear rules with them and follow them yourself. Set clear rules about what content is okay for them to view, always supervise their internet use and talk with them about what they're seeing. Know how often your child logs on, who they interact with, and what apps they're using.nMake sure your child knows that they can come to you if they feel uncomfortable or scared while using the internet. I also advise you to read about it I think it will be useful

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    It's never too late to start protecting your children online, no matter how old they are. After all, the internet is a big place with lots of opportunities for your kids to get into trouble. Set up parental controls, which will allow you to control the type of content that your children can access on their devices and on the internet itself.



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