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    Madden NFL 23 began to take action

    According to the information in the lawsuit, Mut 23 Coins is claimed that the massage specialist currently living in Oregon was "coerced and intimidated" by Watson by Watson to "move her mouth toward her penis, and then force Plaintiff to perform oral sex on him. Plaintiff was not willing to any of these actions. Plaintiff was black for a short time in fear."

    The suit also outlines the trauma that was caused by the incident. Following the third suit , Madden NFL 23 began to take action, assigning senior VP Lisa Friel as lead investigator into the incident. Friel lastly took on a similar role for the league in the year 2019. investigating allegations against the receiver Antonio Brown. However, the details of the football league's "probe" of Watson were limited and didn't specify the procedure for conducting it and if Watson was to be removed from the team's activities in the event of the outcome of the investigation. The investigation is still in progress.

    On March 19 Buzbee declared that another woman reached out to his office aftermath of the previous three allegations. Nine more suits were filed adding to the total of twelve -- and the attorney noted that 22 women have contacted his office claiming that they too had been harassed or physically assaulted by the Texans quarterback.

    The nature of the suits comprised of a woman that claimed Watson tried to force her into kissing him and another alleges that the quarterback attempted to sexually attack her on two separate occasions following their meeting in an office. In the wake of these lawsuits Buzbee asked officials from the Houston police department, and the Harris County District Attorney's Office to review the complaints made against Watson and possibly seek criminal charges, in addition to the civil lawsuits which were filed.

    On March 22 , a new suit was filed, this one from California. It's the 14th civil case against Watson also from the massage therapist. This suit referred to Watson as an "Buy Mut Coins Madden 23," in describing an incident in which Watson asked the woman to have a massage with him, locked the door and during the massage allegedly made her hold his penis. In response to her protest, Watson claimed "I don't want to make you sign an NDA However, you must not talk about this."

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