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    Is it a good movie?

    "Nope" is what you utter before walking away from a dangerous situation. Yet the irony is that people are drawn like moths to the flame at their chance at fame. Nope shows how careless the entertainment industry is, fuelled by death-cult maniacs who just want their shot at being seen without realizing how dangerous it can be to draw so much attention to yourself. I really liked that subtext, there's a solid monster movie on top of that that shows that Peele really knows how to elevate the horror genre.

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    Indeed! It's a beautiful film, which does service to Patrick O'Brian's novels, even though they made up a new plot that was fairly stupid and un-O'Brian-esque compared to the source material. I have always thought someone like the BBC or ITV or A&E (who funded the Hornblower books as a hugely enjoyable series of TV movies) ought to do a TV series based on the novels, which are quite suitable for adaptation. Each novel would require the equivalent of a feature-length film that we'll be able to anonymous download pirate bay soon

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