Plus, WhatsApp is the second version of plus whatsapp that allows you to have multiple user accounts on the same device. This app is similar to the original WhatsApp, but with some unique features. You can double-tap a message to like it and long-press to react with an emoji. It also allows you to share any contact easily and listen to voice messages in the background.

To install Plus WhatsApp, you can download it from Google Play. After you download the app, it will notify you when a new update is available. The app also allows you to track your messages. To keep track of your chats, you can also set the app to notify you when there's a new message. The app also allows you to send stickers to people you care about.

Plus, WhatsApp also allows you to choose from thousands of available themes. If you want to keep your current theme, you can download it from the SD card. In addition, you can save changes to the theme. Another feature of WhatsApp Plus is that you can choose the font style. It allows you to choose from a number of different styles and sizes, so you can make your message look exactly the way you want it to.

In addition, WhatsApp offers various new features and improvements, including a cleaner interface and a new anti-ban feature system. Other notable improvements include new emoji and notification icons. Furthermore, users can also share files up to 50 MB using the app. Whatsapp Plus is free to download and use.