Features of Bay View Pyramisa
Bay View Resort Sahl Hasheesh has many distinctive features that provide the residents with the comfort, privacy, and luxury they want, and more. The place also includes a selection of basic services and various recreational facilities. Here are the advantages available in the project:

Pyramisa was very keen to choose a special place for Bay View residence in the heart of the picturesque Sahl Hasheesh area, making it close to several major facilities and major roads that facilitate access to the place.
The most luxurious architectural design is inspired by the best international tourist villages that are characterized by sophistication and luxury, the splendor of blending the three elements of beauty, which are the picturesque seawater, the clean beach sand, and the distinctive green spaces.
There is a wide variety of units spaces available within the resort to suit the different tastes and desires of customers.
A large landscape spreads throughout the resort and surrounds the units from all sides in a wonderful scene that pleases the eye and relaxes the soul, there are also many beautiful artificial lakes.
Spaces between units to ensure privacy and comfort for residents.
The place has a strong and well-equipped infrastructure to accommodate the various facilities and services available in the resort.
Bay View Pyramisa services
In the project, there is a large garage that can accommodate many cars in order to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the place, and it is also fully secured.
A large swimming pool is surrounded by plenty of comfortable seating so you can enjoy this wonderful view that is so relaxing.
The place includes a large shopping mall with many shops that provide you with all the needs that you and your family want.
Restaurants and cafes provide you with excellent service.
In addition to providing playgrounds for various sports, including football and basketball.
The project also includes a mosque dedicated to the establishment of Islamic rites and is periodically sterilized.
An integrated supermarket with all the daily necessities of the family.
A fully-equipped gym with modern devices and equipment that enables you to exercise continuously and maintain your fitness.
An integrated health center with several recreational activities, including a jacuzzi, spa, and sauna, so that you can have unforgettable times inside.
A distinctive clubhouse that makes you feel in it a lot of luxury and recreation that you have never experienced before.
A group of beautifully dancing fountains that add to the uniqueness of the resort.
Several tracks for cycling and running away from the car tracks.
Electric elevators to facilitate movement between the different floors.
A large and integrated pharmacy with all the things that residents need.
An integrated security system with a surveillance camera and trained guards to maintain peace and security in the resort.
Unit types and spaces in Bay View Sahl Hasheesh
The projects space is one of its most important features, as it provides a wonderful place that has been divided in an innovative way that enables the residents to get the appropriate spaces for them, and each space provides complete privacy and overlooks a wonderful aesthetic view.

Bay View Resort Sahl Hasheesh extends over an area of 11 acres, and the largest area has been allocated to water bodies and beautiful green spaces, which amount to about 75% of the total space, and the remaining 25% is for units of different types.

Types of units and spaces:

Studios and chalets of various sizes.
It includes 8 large buildings.
Studio space starts from 50 m up to 75 m.
Chalets with one to two rooms, and the space varies between 90 square meters and 135 square meters.
As for the three-room chalets, their space starts from 114 square meters.

The real estate developer and previous works
Pyramisa Hotel Construction and Management Company is the developer of Bay View Sahl Hasheesh Tourist Village. This project is one of the latest works carried out by the company. It was designed in a luxurious engineering style and has all the features and services that the client wants and more to live on a special vacation.

This is not the only project for Pyramisa. Since the first day, it has been trying to be in the forefront and offering its valued clients a set of architectural works in which to build confidence between them and the client. The company has a great experience of about 28 years of excellence and excellence and strives to establish and manage many major hotels.

(PHTV) has worked in many Egyptian coastal areas, including the Red Sea, Sharm El-Sheikh, Aswan, and other important places where it had a distinctive imprint, and it has set in its plan to increase the number of projects it presents in the coming period and to introduce more new technologies.