Important places in Porto Cruise Resort
The interior design of the resort plays an active role in being truly distinctive and different from its eyes, and this is evident in Porto Cruise Alamein as a whole and in the distinctive things in it, including the recreational areas, which are as follows:

Portofino Area

A recreational area on a large plot of land, which has an exquisite Italian feel, imbued with unique architectural designs inside Porto Cruise Resort.
Porto Cruise Resort New Alamein also has a commercial area on a large space with shops that offer you international and Egyptian brands, and provide you with the important and basic commodities you need.
And in order to enjoy the picturesque crystal waters, a Crystal Lagoon was created under the name of "Lazy River", which enables you to enjoy roaming around Porto Cruise by boat.
There are also a number of swimming pools located in Porto Cruise Resort New Alamein.
Maldives Area

The design of this area was very different because it mimics the designs of the famous island of Maldives, which made it one of the most beautiful entertainment places in Porto Cruise El Alamein.
Here, the design of the swimming pools is different, as they resemble open beaches, and there are seats equipped for enjoyment in the true sense of recreation and luxury in Porto Cruise Resort.
In addition, there is an island in the middle of Porto Cruise Resort, which is the distinctive Leisure Island, which is very quiet and surrounded by beautiful nature from all sides in Porto Cruise Resort New Alamein.
A number of luxury restaurants and cafes in Porto Cruise Project.
Features of Porto Cruise El Alamein Resort
The features are among the important things that create an atmosphere of difference in the resort, and they are:

The presence of many integrated recreational areas enables you to spend many days without feeling bored.
In addition to the geographical location, which is one of the most distinguishing characteristics, it is located on the beautiful Mediterranean coast.
There is also more than one architectural design on which the place depends, which varies between classic and modern and from more than one country, and this makes you see the world in all corners of Porto Cruise Project.
Proximity to several important places, including Marsa Matrouh, Cairo, and the city of Alexandria as well.
In addition to the presence of a number of various units between residential and commercial areas of various sizes.
Also, payment systems and prices are very competitive in Porto Cruise Project.
Services available in Porto Cruise El Alamein
All this charming beauty in Porto Cruise El Alamein complements the services of all kinds that are distinctively located in the project, which gives it a special character that you like because you can enjoy being there throughout the year and not only in the summer.

The facilities in the units or attached to them were also taken care of so that you can own your distinguished home in the resort most easily and enjoy every moment of yours in the place. In the paragraph, we explain to you some of the services and facilities available for your enjoyment in Porto Cruise Project:

What is distinctive about Porto Cruise Resort is that it carries many modern technologies that enable customers to control their units and make life easier for them in their homes.
Due to Porto Cruise Project large space, it provides a large transportation network located in the entire place.
In addition, there are large garages that enable residents to maintain the aesthetic appearance in front of their houses.
In addition, there are wide corridors equipped so that you can ride bicycles or practice your sports in the best way away from car lanes to be completely safe.
And also a large barbecue area equipped for holding parties of all kinds in the open air in Porto Cruise Project.
you can practice surfing and enjoy a very fun atmosphere with friends inside Porto Cruise North Coast.
An integrated security system with surveillance cameras and trained guards to maintain safety and security in the resort.
Unit types and their different spaces within Porto Cruise Alamein Resort
The resort was built on a space of ​​100 thousand square meters, which is a large space that enables residents to live a wonderful life with many distinctive details and decorations, and this space is equivalent to about 25 acres in full, which was taken advantage of in the best way through the distinctive design that was implemented in Porto Cruise North Coast.

It is a large space, about 80% of its total has been allocated to green spaces and picturesque landscapes overlooking the sea coast in a truly breathtaking aesthetic form, as well as for the facilities and water bodies that are abundant in the resort.

As for the rest of Porto Cruise North Coast, or the remaining 20%, it is for the units and buildings erected in the project, and here in this paragraph are the divisions and surveys, which are designed in the best way that makes the presence in the place very distinguished.

The resort has many spaces that seemed from small to medium and large as well, namely:

The spaces in Type 1 units start from 107 mē up to 137 mē.
As for Type 2 units, the spaces start from 74.5 mē up to 81 mē.
Type 3 units start from 80 mē up to 83 mē.
Type 4 units start from 75.5 mē up to 81.5 mē.
Type 5 units start from 106.5 mē up to 113 mē.
Type 6 units start from 72 mē up to 113.5 mē.
It is a really special place, and this was part of the spaces offered in it for those who have many other spaces, as well as the types of units that differ between c