The 2005 Christmas event can be observed on OSRS gold East from the third floor of Pyramid Plunder. The agility course at the 2007 Halloween event will be visible in the very Easternmost part of the room with the scarabs at Uzer Mastaba.

The 2010 Easter festival can be observed from the perspective of barbarian assault. If you standing at the East end of four floors of Stronghold of Security and looking towards East, you will observe the old TzHaar Theatre, which was used in TzHaar's TzHur-Brekt and still has the old TzHaar City design.

The Draynor Bank Robbery Cutscene region can be found in Burthorpe Games Room. The path of Glouphrie goblin war cutscene can be seen at the East portion of the games room.

At the South-West corner of Sophanem's banks, you'll glimpse the broken version the bank. This is only accessible via Contact.

To the south-east, you can see part of a castle as well as railings that appear to belong to one of North aspect of the castle during the Holy Grail.

If you look as far to North-East as possible you will see portion of what appears to be the lower floor of Saradomin's camp in the God Wars Dungeon.

If you'd like to cheap RuneScape gold see the Player Moderator room, you'll have to look to the south-east.