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    Can't use your bill pay, have to use Mission Lane's, to make payment

    Used my bill pay to make my payment to Mission Lane, & my bank shows that it was sent to Mission Lane electrically & wasn't rejected/returned to my bank. Mission Lane states that they can't receive an ACH unless it's thru their automated (phone) system & that bill pay is lying to me that it was sent electrically. Long story short: had to make minimum payment to keep in good standing. DON'T waste your time with this company!

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    Hello. I would like to point out that the Mission Lane Visa credit card may make sense as a temporary solution for a person with bad or limited credit who is looking to increase their account without having to pay hundreds of dollars in collateral. First of all, I advise you to read the Mission Lane reviews here and you will find that the card's annual fee is reasonable and free of the numerous hidden fees associated with subprime cards.



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