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    Play together or forbid it?

    How much time can I spend playing video games? Are video games allowed in your home? Which ones? Do you play together?

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    I think it's possible to spend time together in a different way. If someone likes video games, let them play, but in their free time. And a family or a couple can go somewhere. But every family has its own rules.

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    Why would anyone want to forbid anything? It is possible to respect the interests of others. I love computer games. And if someone tried to forbid me something...Ugh...It's much cooler when your interests are taken into account and they want to please you. My friends know my love for retro games and they recently gave me Pandora Box Arcade. The official home arcade console, can you imagine? We all play at home together now. Isn't that great?

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    Didn't know about this before, thanks for your reply.



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