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    Senator Business Building New Capital

    Senator Business Building New Capital

    Seize The Opportunity And Get A Special Unit Inside The Senator Business Building New Capital Of The First Administrative Mall In The New Administrative Capital And Achieve The Dream Of Success And Excellence

    Babylon Real Estate Development Company has launched its latest project, Senator Mall, which is the first administrative center that includes integrated administrative units with services.

    The project is distinguished by its presence within the most distinguished areas of the new administrative capital in the administrative district, road 11, the first name, which links the government district and the downtown area, which is a vibrant artery due to its proximity to many vital arteries and multiple investment activities, as well as close to the most important landmarks such as the river The green, the central park, the most important mosques, and churches, in addition to its close proximity to the most important roads, main axes, government departments, international schools and universities, and others.

    The architectural designs of Senator mall are characterized by luxury, sophistication, and modernity, as all units are distinguished by their wonderful panoramic views of the scenic landscape, in addition to that, all administrative units are integrated services with various spaces so that the customer can choose what suits him, in addition to the prices and payment systems set by the real estate developer are distinct. It is flexible and has never been presented in the real estate market before to attract the largest number of investors.

    Senator Business Building’s Geographical Location And The Most Important Features That Distinguish It From Others
    The strategic geographical location of any project is of great importance to all investors because it plays a major role in the high return on investment, so the real estate developer chose Senator’s site very carefully and is located in the most distinguished areas of the Downtown, close to all service areas, prominent landmarks, and important areas.

    It is also close to all corporate headquarters, banks, government departments, schools, and universities, in addition to its proximity to the most important roads and main axes, and its proximity to markets with high purchasing power, which attracts businessmen from everywhere.

    The senator is characterized by its location within the commercially active administrative district area with many basic and recreational services and it is close to:

    Senator is located near the People’s Square, Parliament, Senate, Embassies District, and Ministries.
    Senator is close to the most important axes and main roads such as the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, which makes it easy to reach.
    Close to the most important malls and high-end towers in the Administrative Capital, including The Loft Plaza Mall and Genesis Business Tower.
    Senator Mall directly overlooks road 11, the first name, which separates between Downtown and the Governmental District.
    Close to the Egypt Mosque, which is one of the largest landmarks in Egypt and has the largest number of worshipers.

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    Senator Business is making waves in the business world once again with his ambitious project of building a new capital. As a prominent figure in politics and real estate development, his vision for a thriving and dynamic city is set to redefine the landscape of Florida. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, it comes as no surprise that he is spearheading this monumental undertaking. From his early days as a student at the florida real estate school to his current position as a respected senator, Senator Business has proven time and again his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. This new capital promises to be a testament to his visionary leadership and a testament to the boundless potential of the Florida real estate market.



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