Pukka Compound New Capital

Do You Want To Experience A Leisurely Life? Pukka Compound New Capital Is Waiting For You!

Pukka New Capital, enjoys a luxurious life on a large space of ​​40 acres; It is a masterpiece in its global designs with an authentic Egyptian character, as Master Builder Group has hired the most skilled technicians and architects to bring out a residential community distinguished by its unique architectural style in the heart of New Administrative Capital.

The company didnít just care about stunning designs; Rather, it combines pure nature and architectural sophistication in an exquisite image; You find the vast green spaces and artificial lakes with crystal water that cover a very large area of ​​Pukka Compound land in harmony with the various residential units between apartments and penthouses to produce a wonderful city that includes all the means of well-being.

in addition; Pukka Compound was keen to transfer the dreams of customers and investors to reality. It works to provide all the services and benefits they need at the best prices and flexible payment systems that suit different tastes and capabilities.

Join the owners of Pukka New Capital, and to know more details, contact us!

What Are You Waiting For To Get A Dream Apartment In The Most Beautiful Location Pukka New Capital?
Pukka construction is a residential compound characterized by a sophisticated and distinctive architectural design according to the latest engineering standards. It is one of the luxurious projects that is filled with all the basic and recreational facilities to meet the needs of the residents, as well as its wonderful strategic location in the heart of New Administrative Capital near the main roads and axes that facilitate the transition from and to it, the main features of the location are as follows:

Its proximity to the most prestigious residential projects of major companies such as; Talaat Mostafa, Egypt Italy, and Beter Home.
It is close to the embassy district and the capitalís international airport.
The distance that separates Pukka New Capital from Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque and the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ is very short.
Pukka New Capital Egypt is a 20-minute drive from New Cairo.
It is a few minutes away from the southern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and the regional ring road.
Behind it is a 93-meter wide road separating it from the British University; Which provides excellent educational services to its residents.
It is located near the Green River, which is the longest chain of gardens in the world.