Porto Heliopolis

Looking For A Place That Combines Luxury And Sophistication With Spending The Happiest Times For You And Your Family, And Providing Endless Global Services? Porto Heliopolis Project Where You Will Find Everything You Wish In Your Hands

Enjoy a distinguished residence inside the new Porto Heliopolis, because the residential units have been designed in a modern way to suit all tastes, in addition to the features of the project in order for the individual to live at a high level of comfort, luxury, and safety. Distinguished away from any noise in a unique experience.

Amer Group presented Porto Heliopolis towers with international designs on Egyptian lands and hands, with huge spaces that include all the needs and recreational activities that contribute to the happiness and comfort of the residents. The first goal of establishing the project was to provide everything the Egyptian market needs to attract customers and businessmen.

Porto Heliopolis Towers Location
This compound is located in a very special place, because the company that designed the project made every effort to choose a strategic location in New Cairo close to all the vital places in the area, specifically on Al Thawra Street, on the corner of the entrance to Tivoli Street, directly in front of the signal house, and the most important places to approach:

There is a complex of restaurants near the Tivoli Dome, and Tivoli is about 3 minutes away.
Porto Heliopolis Compound is only 3 minutes away from City Stars and City Center Almaza.
It is 6 minutes away from Cairo International Airport.
It is also close to many important cities, as it is only 20 minutes from New Cairo, 25 minutes from downtown Cairo, and only 10 minutes from Korba.
The project is also located on the most important roads such as Omar Ibn Al-Khattab Street and Al-Thawra Street.
Area And Unit Types In Porto Heliopolis
This project was built on an area of ​​8 acres, equivalent to 27 thousand meters, divided between landscapes, green spaces, and residential buildings, the green spaces occupied a larger percentage of the area than the different units, and therefore all the residential units overlook an attractive and distinctive view amidst the charming nature, the fresh air, and the tranquility that the place enjoys.

The types of units in the project also varied to include not only residential units but also commercial units, numbering 666 units, as the goal of Amer Group was to present a project in a different way to form a self-sufficient community.