Pixel Mall New Administrative Capital

Looking For A Place To Invest In Your Project Or Unit… When You Buy A Unit In Pixel Mall New Administrative Capital You Will Get A Comfortable And Elegant Place.

The first specialized technology mall in New Administrative Capital, and is characterized by its presence in the best locations in the capital, specifically in the Downtown area, which is the most vital area, and its proximity to all facilities, services, and important residential neighborhoods in the capital, it is considered the first mall equipped with smart screen glasses technology to display advertisements on Pixel Mall facades from inside and outside.

The developer company has provided the mall with smart administrative and commercial units so that all customers can fully control the unit, and this makes it the most appropriate choice for investors, as there is nothing to compete in terms of quality and accuracy in the splendor of its design.

Pixel Mall was by Enwan Developments, and it is its latest project, and technology and electronic devices play a major and essential role.

The Location Of Pixel Mall New Administrative Capital
Pixel Mall is one of the most luxurious projects, and the developer has chosen a special location, linking the most important vital areas, and we mention them as follows:

The mall is located in the most distinguished places within the capital, specifically in the downtown area, which is one of the strongest and most distinguished commercial areas in it, and is characterized by the presence of a wide range of services and is considered the new downtown.
It is located near the Al-Massa Hotel, the monorail station, the government district, Souq EL Dahab, and various embassies.
Close to the iconic tower, which is the tallest tower in Africa, it reflects the accuracy in choosing the location of the mall.
Close to the data center and various computer companies.
Pixel Mall is located New Administrative Capital near the main roads, including the Mohammed bin Zayed axis, and the Suez Road.
It is 20 minutes from New Cairo, and 40 minutes from New Administrative Capital Airport and the Presidential Palace.
Its proximity to the Green River, the new museum, the financial and business district, and New Administrative Capital Airport.
It is located near Trio Tower and Doja X Project.
Close to the most important existing neighborhoods, namely the seventh residential district and the eighth residential district.
Its proximity to Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque does not exceed 10 minutes and is considered one of the largest mosques in New Capital.
All this makes the mall’s location distinctive and close to all the important and distinguished areas in New Administrative Capital.