Condor CBD Gummies Yes, THC may affect negatively and cause high feelings. But the good news is that Condor CBD Gummies are safe here. But as we know every supplement has some minor side effects. So, same here, The most comment side effects are drowsiness, dry mouth, reduced appetite, nausea, and effects negatively with other medications. How to take the Gummies? As we all already know that the product comes in tasty bear gummies shape. And this makes it so simple to use. It means no need for water, and other things to swallow because you can chew it. Every jar of Condor CBD Gummies contains 25 counts, and you need to take 1 each day. Thatís it. What is Condor CBD Gummies Dr Oz? Doctor OZ is the Host of Dr. OZís show, and he has investigated the CBD. And also share a full article on his website. But keep in mind that he never supports any CBD company. Dr. Oz only talked about CBD, not about the Condor CBD Gummies. So, donít fall any kind of line which says that Condor CBD Gummies and DR oz are linked.Condor CBD Gummies