Opal Business Complex Mall New Capital

Rikaz Group Offers The Latest And Largest Administrative Projects, To Achieve The Highest Investment Return Within Opal Business Complex Mall New Capital

One of the investment projects that attracted everyone’s attention, as it is the first business complex in the MU23 area and will serve the largest residential areas in New Capital, including the neighborhoods R2, R3, it is distinguished as the first smart building in New Administrative Capital; It enjoys a panoramic view of the main Axis of Hope square with an interface of 150 meters, and it enjoys an important strategic location to ensure its success in New Capital, The project was designed in a distinctive engineering style and includes all types of administrative units, medical units, and commercial units. It is characterized by a diversity of spaces and prices, as well as payment systems, so it is suitable for all customers.

Opal Mall Is A Distinctive And Unique Experience For Its Strategic Location In The Heart Of New Administrative Capital
opal business complex is located in a wonderfully strategic location in the heart of New Capital in MU 23, its most important and most luxurious neighborhood, and is located near the largest high-end residential complexes, which ensures the popularity and success of all mall activities, Rikaz group presented a distinguished project; As it is considered a shining jewel for the splendor of the dazzling and attractive design of Opal Mall New Administrative Capital, which offers a new concept of modern advanced living, New Capital is expected to accommodate from 18 up to 40 million people, in the year 2050 for its unique and distinguished location.

opal business complex is located in MU 23, specifically in plot D1, between the second residential district R2 and the third residential district R3, at the northern entrance in the business center area of New Administrative Capital. It is also characterized by its proximity to several important areas and main axes, including:

8 minutes from Sokhna Road.
8 minutes from New Cairo Road.
5 minutes from Suez Road.
Opal business is located near the smart city, the sports city.
It is close to the monorail station, the Canadian University, and Al Maqsad Compound, and it is one of the most important residential projects located in R3.
Opal business is located near New Capital Airport, the Presidential Palace, Al Sefarat District, and the City of Culture.
Near to Expo City, and Mega Mall.
Its proximity to several important projects such as Tiffany Business Park New Administrative Capital, and Vinolet Mall.
The most important feature of opal mall new capital is its distinguished strategic location, as it has a direct view of the axis of hope, which is 96 square meters wide.