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    Ecommerce Accounting

    Hey all,

    I've been reading various sources online on how to go about bookkeeping and accounting for an ecommerce store. Some sources suggest integrations that pull every sales order into the accounting software, and some sources suggest inputting daily sales totals instead into the accounting software. Because I have a record of every transaction/sales order in my ecommerce store, as well as in my payment processor portal, I'm leaning towards the daily sales route.

    What has worked best for you guys and why? I would really appreciate any links to insightful material on this subject or how to get started.


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    You know, in recent years, I have often noticed that people who have never ordered cleaning services for their business or their premises are afraid of theft. Unfortunately, the planet is inhabited by decent and honest people - trouble happens regardless of our wishes. The only thing we can do - to reduce the percentage of probability. This is what a cleaning company does. Or they could create b2b marketplace and succeed

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    There are plenty of online B2B websites operating in the world today. These online websites allow businesses to trade with companies on the other end of the world, with convenience and free from the possibility of scams. This modern method of business has brought ease as well as stability and speed into the wholesale business operations.

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    Creating an online marketplace is really profitable nowadays. It's because almost everyone buys and sells things online.

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    Gone are the days when all blockchain was just bitcoin. Now blockchain has begun to permeate all areas of finance and many businesses. With the advent of DeFi smart contracts, blockchain got a second pass in its development.
    Smart contracts eliminate the unnecessary paperwork and costly middlemen needed to facilitate traditional contracts, transactions and exchanges, while maintaining transparency and visibility on the blockchain. They work by creating a digital agreement or contract in which each party imposes a set of predefined conditions or clauses that must be met in order for the contract to be executed without an intermediary. And I think that's just the beginning of development.

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    I agree that the topic is so interesting. One more point to consider is using a CRM system for your business. It gives lots of profits and allows to keep you updated about all of your current and potential customers.

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    Hello, personally I am interested in NFT in the field of cryptocurrencies. An NFT is simply a bitcoin linked to an image. Bitcoin pioneered blockchain technology, a way of determining which copy of a digital file is the "real" one. But bitcoin is fungible, every bitcoin is identical except for the record of ownership.
    A non-fungible token is unique. Each of them is associated with a specific digital "object". It's not a real "object", the NFT is just a record of ownership. But it's basically a reliable way to prove that you own an object. Therefore, if you are interested in how to create an nft collection , then it is easy to find out by studying the information where all the stages of creating a collection are described in detail.

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    Most people are aware of the need for an audit when it comes to cybersecurity. Smart contract audits are widespread in the decentralized finance ecosystem. As a result, it is possible that the results of a smart contract audit could influence your decision to invest in a blockchain startup or take the necessary actions to ensure the proper level of security. Read more in this article.

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