Menassat Tower New Capital

Menassat Tower New Capital

You Have A Golden Opportunity To Get A Fully-Serviced Unit Inside Menassat The Finest Energy-Saving Technology Tower In New Administrative Capital
Menassat Developments has established the first smart technology tower in the most distinguished area in the heart of the future capital in the financial and business district, which includes many corporate headquarters, all branches of international banks, and the global stock exchange, in addition to containing many ministries and its proximity to many main roads and axes, making it easy to reach from all sides.

One of the most important features of Menassat Project is its unique designs, as the interior units are decorated with a very sophisticated, luxurious, and modern look, and the external facades are characterized by their wonderful panoramic views of the charming landscapes around them that inspire calm, tranquility and psychological comfort.

Menassat Mall includes units of various sizes with all investment activities, including commercial, administrative and medical, equipped with the latest modern technology and integrated services, at prices outside the competition framework, and flexible payment systems that suit many customers and target investors.

Menassat Mallís Geographical Location And Its Most Important Features
The geographical location of any project is of great importance to all investors, so the real estate developer chose the location of the tower in the most distinguished areas in New Administrative Capital.

Menassat is located specifically in Al-Abraj area, which is located within the financial and business district, which is characterized by its economic and commercial activity and includes many headquarters of companies and international banks with its various branches and the global stock exchange, in addition to containing the headquarters of about 17 ministries, which leads to attracting many businessmen to it from everywhere.

One of the most important features that make the location of Menassat Mall is its proximity to:

Menassat Tower is located near many famous towers such as I Business Park Tower, Oia Tower, and Oblisco Capital Tower.
Menassat is located in front of the central monorail station and close to the mosque of Egypt and the religion complex.
It is separated from the Peopleís Square by a distance of 5 minutes.
It is located near landmarks such as the central park that extends from the beginning to the end of New Administrative Capital, in addition to its wonderful view of the Green River.
Menassat Mall is close to the main roads and axes such as the Mohammed bin Zayed North axis.
It is located near markets with high purchasing power such as the Gold Souk, and it is also close to the Museum of Capitals.
It is a 10-minute drive from the government district, the embassy district, and the ministries.
Menassat Project is located near the presidential palace.