Masa Mall New Capital

Masa Mall New Capital
A Real Investment Opportunity That Will Not Be Repeated In New Administrative Capital; Where Its Unique And Distinctive Location And Unparalleled Architectural Designs
Masa Mall the capital is the largest administrative, medical and commercial complex in New Capital, with its distinguished strategic location in New Administrative Capital, specifically in the Downtown area (one of the largest investment areas in the Middle East) and in front of the Al Masa Hotel.

Almasa Capital was built on very large space and surrounded by green spaces to give a wonderful view next to the landscape and fountains.

The mall is designed in a luxurious European style and is considered a great investment experience, as it is close to all major axes, important roads, and residential areas.

al masa mall is the best choice for you to have a commercial unit, medical clinics, or administrative offices that contain all services, facilities, and all requirements.

The Distinguished Strategic Location That Is Unique To Masa Mall New Capital
One of the most important features of any business is its location; It is located in the largest investment area, which is the Downtown, in front of Al Masa Hotel, and the mall is located on a space of 45 thousand square meters.

Masa New Capital is near to several vital and important places such as:

Its proximity to the government district, the diplomatic district, and the financial and business district.
Its proximity to the central area, which is one of the most important areas because it is considered the downtown area.
The mall has a facade overlooking the main axis, with a width of 130 meters.
Next to the Banks District, the Central Bank, the Cathedral of Christ, the Gold Souks, the largest mosque in the Middle East, the Mosque of Egypt, which is built on a space of ​​68 acres.
Besides the aviation and tourism companies sector, the petroleum companies sector, the fashion, and fashion companies sector, and the real estate companies sector.
Close to computer and technology markets, economic sectors, medical sectors, and administrative sectors.
Masa New Capital is located near the Cairo Opera House and New Capital Airport.
Close to the People’s Assembly and the Council of Ministers.
It is located near the most important residential neighborhoods R7 and R8.
Minutes from the monorail (monorail) station and the iconic tower.