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    Complex ios app development

    Good afternoon, we have one big system, for training users of different orientation. We need ios app development. Can you advise a company to contact?

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    You have both a difficult and interesting task to develop a mobile app. That's why newbies and freelancers will definitely not agree to develop such an application. Because it's too complicated.

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    we are not experienced in ordering such applications. But the problem is that there are not many companies that provide such services. Most developers are willing to develop a simple application, but not willing to take the trouble to develop a complex one.

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    You're talking to the wrong developers. But if you turn to fairly experienced developers, they will tell you that such an application is quite possible to develop and it's not so difficult. We ordered apple app development from this company. They are ready to implement an interesting project. So feel free to contact them. All the stages of development are described on their site.

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