Which X-Factor capabilities dominate? Find the best of the crop. Updated on December 1st, 2023 by Hodey Johns: Stats aren't just a bunch of numbers Mut 23 Coins, but they no longer should be the first thing to consider when playing with a group of players or teams on Madden nfl 23. X-Factor abilities are now the main focus of all aspects of the game.

A team that has amazing synergies and skills will frequently beat out a statistically better team with less X-Factor abilities. The NFL is a sport that is about superstars , and the X-Factors are the method by which these superstars are identified. This list was updated to ensure that playing against an athlete that has one or more of these capabilities will be a better experience and lead to more wins no matter which mode is being played.

It's not always easy to unlock YAC'Em Up but that shouldn't hinder players from trying. After getting three receptions of 20+ yards it is almost likely to break their initial tackle. This means that one-on-one defenses are hosed.

The process of gaining more training points can be an effective option to gain experience but no amount training can match this advantage Buy Mut Coins Madden 23. For receivers who are awed by yards immediately after catching and are required to be an avid ball-hogger, this is useful X-Factor ability.