It is now possible to find runes anywhere in the game, to be hoarded or traded to create powerful runewords D2R Ladder Items. Since Diablo 2: Resurrected folds in the base game as well as the expansion, the runes will take a big part in the game's online economy and in the rank of your characters. Let's examine how runes function, what they offer as well as how to construct runewords. This guide also has the full list of words that runewords are available with Diablo 2: Resurrected, including the seven new words introduced by Patch 2.4.

Single runes can drop anywhere during Diablo 2: Resurrected, starting in Normal difficulty all the way up on to Hell difficulty. Runes have sockets, similar to gems, which means they can be placed in socketed gear to receive their effects. However, the real beauty of the rune is when you put them together in a certain order inside a specific item. They're called runewords are among the most powerful items within the game right ahead of sets and exclusives. A full list of all runewords is in the next section.

They can also be employed in certain Horadric Cube recipes. For instance, you could mix a Ral rune along with damaged equipment to repair it. This is a good idea whenever you're low on gold and can't afford repairs at a shop. Runes can be combined into the Horadric Cube; this is popularly referred to "cubing upwards" and it is a very common method to reach the next rune without needing to locate one in the wild. If, for instance, you already have 3 El runes Cheap D2R Ladder Items, and you need to get an additional rune put the three El runes in the cube and hit the transmute button. In will pop out an Eld rune. This upgrade recipe is included in the rune chart below.