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    Double Two Tower New Capital

    Double Two Tower New Capital

    Double Two Tower New Capital… Your New Investment Place In The New Administrative Capital
    Al-Nakhil Company presents its latest new projects, Double two Tower, or as some call it Double D Tower, and it is considered the first administrative, commercial, and hotel project on the land of the New Administrative Capital. High-end devices with exquisite modern designs are also available.

    Double Two Tower was erected in one of the most prominent regions of the business center area, adjacent to major highways and axes, and it also provides all means of safety and comfort, as well as meeting the various demands of clients throughout the day. We’ll learn more about the project in the sections below.

    Location Of Double Two Tower
    Al-Nakhil Company has taken an unusual interest in the site, as there is a Double Two Tower in the New Administrative Capital, in the business center specifically in plot CN-22, and the tower overlooks a group of axes and is close to many vital places as follows:

    The famous tower is just 7 kilometers distant.
    At a distance of 750 kilometers, there is also a monorail stop.
    The Ministries Center is around 250 kilometers away.
    The project is 1.5 km from the City of Knowledge, 2 km from the City of Culture and Arts, and 1.5 km from the Sports City.
    The Green River is directly visible from the tower.
    It is situated between the R2 and R3 residential neighborhoods to service a significant number of
    inhabitants in the neighboring compounds.

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