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Thread: mobile mining

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    mobile mining

    Hey guys, hi everyone!
    I started mobile mining.
    Are there any people here who are engaged in this way of investing through a gadget?
    What can you say and recommend?

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    Hi! I have been investing in cryptocurrency for 5 years now. Specifically, I use mobile mining software. But the main income I get thanks to a mining farm. Mining cryptocurrency on your own is not an easy task, so it's better to be part of a mining pool.
    So I've bought some NFT-tokens, I'm waiting when they will rise in value. At the same time I read the news, study the market, in general, develop financial literacy.

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    The first one is the "Electroneum" play-market app and I would choose to mine electroneum, at least it is normal to mine through android there you need to download the app "Electroneum" play-market, and register and start mining directly in the app. There you can get 1% more of your earnings for all time,

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