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    Do you like racing?

    I know that all men like speed and cars. But today we're going to talk about a simplified version and a less expensive one. I mean video games. Which races do you like to play and why?

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    No. It's kind of silly for adults. I like racing in real life, when you hold the wheel in your hands and the adrenaline is real. And all the rest is simulation. It seems to me that only those who are afraid of real speed in real life love racing. Although to each his own

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    Racing? Of course I love racing, not just love it, I live for it. Is there anything more interesting and exciting than speed? Lately I've been preferring GTA 5 more and more, especially after I downloaded FivemCartel. Now that I have so many options available to me, this game is one of my favorites. Maybe you should try it too. Especially since you are on the lookout.

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