You may be wondering who is Lost Ark Jin Ha? Keum Kang Sun, also known as Jin Ha in the community, is the game's director, although some in the community believe he is the executive director of Lost Ark. After Jin Ha recently announced that he is retiring after many years as a game master, many in the gaming community are concerned about the future of the game. In case you're wondering who River Kim is in Lost Ark and what's new.

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Who is River Kim in Lost Ark?

Gold River is the pseudonym of Keum Kang Sun, the game director of Lost Ark, who has been the brains behind the Korean MMO for some time. Under his stewardship, the game was a huge success, and its recent release in the West has made it even more popular.

Why are people searching for him on Google?
Gold River has been on the hunt lately after announcing that he is stepping down as game master. He is reportedly struggling with serious health issues which combined with the heavy workload of the GMs has put him under a lot of pressure. At a previous LOA-ON event, the Lost Ark convention, an ambulance had to be called out due to his health problems.

His final LOA-ON event will be announced in December this year when the new leadership in charge of running Lost Ark will be announced. According to recent reports, some people mistook Kim Kang-sun for the CEO of Lost Ark, but now Jun Ho-sung, the head of Smilegate, will continue in his role.

That's our brief description of Lost Ark's Joon Ho aka Keum Kang Sun, now that you know who he is and why he's stepping down as game director.

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