1 month before moving Consult your short list of moving companies with the Better Business Bureau for claims filed against you Choose a moving company and save moving and packing dates Get written estimates, schedules and other moving details Get packing supplies (cardboard boxes) , adhesive tape, bubble wrap, etc.)

Start by packing the least used items (wall decoration, bone china, books, etc.) Number inventory boxes according to general contents and keep inventory in the moving folder to make it easier to find in your new home.

Check with your representative about insurance coverage to make sure your belongings are covered during transport. If you buy insurance through the moving company, you will know what needs to be stated in writing. Enter an address change on usps.gov

Report your new address: Banks and Credit Card Companies Insurance Companies Brokerage Companies Medical Services, Dentists, Veterinarians Subscription Services Family & Friends Rent a Cleaning Service Phew! You've been busy and after having everything organized and ready for your new home, you still have a list of things to do.

The last thing you want to think about with the time and energy you have left is a step towards cleaning your new home or moving! Cleaning your old house to prepare it for the new owners. If you're busy moving between houses and unpacking, hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean your old house.

Your house will be vacuumed, dusted, swept, mopped and disinfected so that it is ready and waiting for new tenants. Save yourself the hassle of moving out of cleaning by hiring professionals to do the dirty work for you. Also consider that cleaning services take care of the move-in cleaning in your new home.

You can clean and disinfect the inside of kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathrooms, dust cobwebs, vacuum, mop and make your new home fresh, clean and ready for your stuff.
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