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    How can I find Default Password on HP Printer?

    Users often experience technical problems with HP Printer default password, or difficulties in finding default password. You are expected to follow the steps and apply them:

    You are first to verify the connectivity to the printer and wifi.
    Navigate to the control panel.
    You can then simply open the network sharing center option.
    The user should now click on the Change adapter Settings option.
    You will then need to right-click the status of your wireless network.
    Then, click on Wireless Properties.
    Next, click on Wireless Properties.
    The user will then need to click on security and choose the show characters option. This will give the user the default password.
    You can easily find the default password for your HP printer by following the steps above. Take a look at these steps to fix the problem. To understand the issues better, you can read the blog.

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    This is what I am seeking for.
    Thank you.



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