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Thread: Watch Frndly TV

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    Watch Frndly TV

    What do you need to connect Frndly TV?

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    Hi. If you are familiar with Frndly TV, then I want to tell you that Frndly TV offers you three tariff levels. To find out more, I suggest you read your Frndly TV review here . You will find out that the base plan for $ 6 a month streams in standard definition and allows you to stream one stream at a time. The $ 8 / Month Classic plan streams high-definition streaming to two devices simultaneously and adds 30 days of unlimited DVR cloud storage. Frndly TV also has a $ 10 a month Premium plan with 90-day DVR storage and support for up to four streams simultaneously. You will also have access to an annual price: $ 60 for the basic version, $ 80 for the classic and $ 100 for the premium.

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    Thanks for this info!

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    Thanks for the article!
    It was very helpful for me!



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