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    How Mobile Game Industry works

    The mobile game industry is growing rapidly, every day there are hundreds of mobile games being released on the Play Store and App Store. The emergence of COVID-19 has affected the growth of this industry is a fantastic way as most of us had to stay at home and spend time on entertainment and gaming.

    Mobile games are developed by either a mobile game development company in UAE or by a team of game developers. The rise in the industry gave a boost to these companies and developers. Many big names are now investing heavily in mobile games development.

    As of 2019, the mobile gaming industry had worth around $70 billion, which is not even half of what it is now. The mobile gaming industry is now worth more than $180 billion, leaving behind all the major industries in the world. The emergence of mobile gaming is the biggest turning factor for the monetization of apps and games.

    The growth of the mobile gaming industry does not appear to stop at any point as the gaming community wants more and the best of it. The gaming community is so dedicated that they keep expanding and making a lot of money from it. Even YouTube’s most subscribed channel is of a gamer, PewDiePie. He has the most subscribers and he creates content for gaming and other entertainment videos.

    The use of AI in games has also influenced the mobile gaming industry, making it even more gigantic. AI helps mobile gaming in the monetization of ads and in-app purchasing and also allows developers to generate more revenue without even altering the game experience.

    Mobile games have no age limit. The industry targets all of its audience, whether you are old or young. The gaming industry has evolved with time, expanded its features to reach out to the greatest crowd throughout the world. One of the greatest features released was multiplayer games, empowering gamers to play with each other in the game. The industry introduced competitive and battle royal modes to engage users and their friend circle too.

    The mobile game industry was a joke when it started, it generated the smallest revenue among all the industries. But it took no time to change the game, as now it is the biggest industry of all! It took much less than 10 years for the industry to reach the 100 billion dollar mark.

    Every success story has its challenges which it goes through. Similarly, the mobile gaming industry had plenty of them as user expectations had been getting high. The developers and game development companies followed these trends of users to attain their expectations and made the industry a juggernaut.

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