When talking about buying WoW Classic TBC gold, the first question raised in your mind must be: Is it safe? Will I get banned? Well, there are so many people who buy TBC gold, and not only WOW classic, but other popular mmorpgs such as FFXIV, GW2, SWTOR, POE have third-party gold sellers.

Of course people get punished by the game developer but you can actually avoid it. First, find a trustable gold seller. There are two kinds of gold seller: private ones and gold selling sites. And a gold-selling site is suggested as most of them are professional and they know what kind of delivery method is the most safe. They will also remind you of some frauds in game.

SSEGold.com is the site recommended here. It also has the cheapest WoW Classic TBC Gold.

Second, don't tell anybody in game that you've bought gold, expecially in public channels.

Third, don't buy too much at a time.

For wow classic, buying gold is against the game rule, so there's no 100% safe way. Once you are punished, you should contact the GM by the first time and never admit you bought WoW Classic TBC gold from a third party seller, but they are from a friend.