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    How would you design a printable business card layout?

    How would you design a printable business card layout?

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    I'm not a designer and really far from that, but I sometimes try to do something on my own if I want to save my money. When I needed to create business cards, I decided that it was quite simple and began to understand how CorelDRAW works. But then I realized that it can take a very long time, since this professional program is rather difficult for beginners and decided to look for options on the Internet. I could find some really good and trendy business card mockups here and decided to try to create my business cards using this file. Since these mockups are free, I had to try this. You know, I managed to very quickly replace the information on the template with the one I needed, and I got a business card layout for printing in just a couple of minutes.

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    For this question, you will design a printable business card layout on and upload a screenshot or photograph of the printed card. Any language is acceptable for your answer, though we don’t expect specific knowledge of a language that you have listed as unknown.
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    Maybe we can easily design this with some professional apps because there are many applications available in the market. But, for choosing the best template for this work you must try website and you can download professional templates for your work. I hope you'll like it.
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