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    How Do I Fix The Lenovo Laptop No Sound Problem?

    If you are currently unable to get the audio from your lenovo laptop. here are the tricks to get back the audio on your laptop.
    1. First of all, make sure that your speakers are audible, they are not muted.
    2. Please go to the sound settings and check that there is a built in speaker working on the laptop.
    3. Update the audio driver on the laptop.
    4. remove the current driver and install a new driver.
    5. Factory reset the computer.
    Once you change these settings, you will get rid of lenovo laptop no sound 2021 problem. if you are still having some other issues. please feel free to visit askprob blogs.

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    Restart Windows Audio Services
    Make sure to restart your laptop. connect an earphone or another speaker with the audio port. do you hear sound coming from the audio connector?
    If you are not, then press the Windows key + r while simultaneously it will appear to run the command. Type services.MSC and click ok.
    Click on windows audio, and then restart your service if you stop and restart your laptop and verify that your sound system is operating or not.
    If not, it is a problem with the sound driver or windows upgrade issues. You can restore your windows to a previous date (backdate) that could help you solve your problem.

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    Thank you for this helpful resource!
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