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    New Game

    Bubble Shooter is a new action-packed bubble shooter game! You probably think of Bubble Shooter as a relaxing game. You click here and there and shoot bubbles, they fall down, make nice sounds and you score points. Well, this game is a bit different! To make it a little more challenging, two new rows of bubbles will be added to the top of the board every 15 seconds, pushing down the existing bubbles. Once the bubbles reach the bottom, the game is over. To prevent this, you have to quickly shoot colored bubbles so that three or more contiguous bubbles of one color fall down. The more bubbles you clear at once, the faster your power bar fills up, and the faster you will get a special bubble that will let you shoot bubbles of any color.
    How much can you score before the game is over?

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    Thanks for your recommendation.
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    thanks for useful information!

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    It's interesting. I didn't know about this game until now.
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    Wow really cool game!!! Thank you for sharing.

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    such a fascinating game i appreciate your article i will probably give it a try and give a review but i am also playing a game that also keeps me hooked for hours it is stick war legacy at: everyone should give it a try, I'm sure you'll love it.
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