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    The Imbalance in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

    Since there are many more Horde players than Alliance players, the Burning Crusade Classic Battlegrounds won't work, but Blizzard could implement some solutions.

    If there's one thing that is central to World of Warcraft, it's the Horde vs. Alliance idea. The rivalry between the two major factions of Azeroth is an important part of the World of Warcraft experience, including in the recently released Burning Crusade Classic, especially when it comes to player-to-player content. Unfortunately, due to the imbalance between the two opposing forces, the Burning Crusade Classic experience doesn't quite live up to the expectations of players.

    The problem is that there are a lot more Horde players than Alliance players, which creates some problems for players playing Burning Crusade Classic. For the Horde, this means a lot of time in the battlefield queue and the impossibility of obtaining PvP gear from Honor Points. For the Alliance, this means that the honor-hungry Horde will attack every enemy player in the open world, making it more difficult for World of Warcraft Alliance players to complete quests or collect TBC Gold classic.

    This is an unhealthy combination of several factors. While there are no officially announced solutions in the works, Blizzard has a great opportunity to fix the imbalance between the two World of Warcraft factions and create an overall better gaming experience without neglecting the original Burning Crusade spirit expansion. Here's why the faction imbalance problem is and what Blizzard could do to fix it.

    How to fix faction imbalance in WoW Burning Crusade Classic

    On most of the World of Warcraft servers, especially the Burning Crusade Classic PvP servers, the Horde is the absolute dominant faction in numbers. This is the case in WoW Classic, but even more so in Burning Crusade Classic. The Horde has long enjoyed a reputation as a "PvP faction" as many players believe that the Horde's various racial abilities are far superior to those of the Alliance. That wasn't a big deal in World of Warcraft Nostalgia, but with the introduction of arenas in Burning Crusade, PvP-conscious players are looking for every advantage. Ethnic abilities like the Forsaken Will of the Undead, the Arcane Flood of the Blood Elves and the toughness of the Orcs are of enormous importance to PvP and the Alliance side offers little to no direct competition to these game-changing abilities. Because of this, many players choose the Horde.

    As a result, the factions are unbalanced, both from a population perspective and from a PvP perspective. Most Burning Crusade Classic servers have many more Horde players than Alliance players, which means that the queue times on Horde versus Alliance battlefields can increase by an hour or more for Horde players. Players primarily use the battlefields to earn Honor Points and purchase entry-level PvP gear, but since the battlefields are nearly impossible to access, Horde players either give up or try to earn Honor Points in the open world. Not only is this a bit ironic: more players are choosing the Horde for PvP in Burning Crusade, but it turns out that PvP is harder to participate in. This can cause a serious headache for Alliance players who are simply trying to find or collect crafting materials because they are being hunted for their glory because they have no other options.

    It's not a good situation for any faction, but there is an important way Blizzard could fix this if the company wanted to. It's a pretty simple solution - allow Horde teams to fight other Horde players in battlefields. This is already possible in the arena, and the "Hire Mode" system has already been implemented in the Lord of Draenor materials to allow players to join the opposing side on the battlefield. This would be the easiest solution, and it seems to have a lot of community support.

    Ultimately, it remains to be seen whether Blizzard will address this issue. Blizzard, once adamant about changes to the World of Warcraft vintage combo, has now shown a willingness to "make some changes" in certain situations to enhance the experience while staying true to the spirit of the original. If Blizzard allows it, this is a perfect opportunity to do Burning Crusade Classics better, with little to no penalty.

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